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Same issue with my macbook pro I went to the genius bar at an apple store and they told me to try a clean install; I did same problem. I could trigger the freezing as reported by other people going to photobooth, click effects and to page 2 and boom, black screen, frozen with keyboard backlit on and you have force boot the mbp. I finally reinstalled snow leopard and will wait until they come out with Overall not impressed by apple and mac os lion.

I feel the new features are gimmicky like the launch, ipad feel and the reverse scrolling. Actually if I would be Microsoft, I would go with the ad campaign and make fun of the unstable mac os lion. We were in the middle of downgrading to Snow Leopard after numerous Lion issues and the screen went black. Nothing we have tried will let us boot the DVD or get any access to the computer.

So with no access, it is impossible to effect any of the recommended changes. AppleCare ended about 4 months ago. Happen to me too, with the new iMac I think i will downgrade to Snow Leopard too. Just started happening to me too. Without Lion even!! Just photoshop and iTunes running! Dumbfounded about the sudden cause or how to fix it! The Genius bar yesterday was useless. I hope someone has a solution in my googling escapades!

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I have had the same issue for sometime now. I also use a second monitor along with my laptop screen. I have used gfxCardStatus and worked ok as long as I keep it in intel mode and did not use the invidia card. Took it to the Genius bar they could not find any issues with hardware but replaced MB anyway.

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I could make this happen anytime I was in photo booth and went to the second effects screen. Anyone have any ideas? Frequent crashes before the recent lion update. Some of those seem to have stopped, but for the past few days have been getting crashes again with the screen going black and the laptop becoming totally unresponsive forcing a restart. I do have a solid state hard drive, would that effect the problem in any way? Only thing that works for me is to shut it down, wait 4 hours arggghh!!!

I have the same problem with a Mac Mini i5, Lion One thing I did earlier today was to turn off the sleep function at least set it to 3 hrs before sleep. I close the lid, to sleep my macbook po i5. Come back half an hour latter to a red hot macbook! Fans going mad! Under my pillow,bed etc. Blocked Vents. Macbook so hot it burns! Open the lid, black screen, fans running wild, no response only a reboot to solve the issue. Just to add on the list of users to confirm that I have the same issue on mid macbook 2.

My issue is that the macbook cannot detect any external monitor. All Apple Hardware tests , extensive tests, returned no errors. I just called the AppleCare-Support and told them my problem. They suggested to do the extended hardware test and see if there are any problems with my hardware in which case my MacBook has to be repaired. But then the staff told me that there is a hint in his database that apple knows the problem and is working on an update that will solve it. Maybe it could be released in the next few days together with the update that brings iCloud with it.

They just released a update at 3: Have been having this problem with the kernel panics for the past couple of months. Was ecstatic when I saw the new update! Apple has determined that a small number of MacBook Pro inch, Mid computers may intermittently stop displaying video on the built-in display or on an external display connected to the MacBook Pro.

In this situation, you may also see a restart warning message before the video is lost or the display turns black or gray. Affected computers were manufactured between April and February Thank you so much for this!! I called Apple Care and scheduled an appointment tomorrow. They told me they will replace my video card for FREE and it will solve the problem. For others: Call Apple Care and tell them about the problem. Give them Article: They will give you a code to take to the Genius Bar.

I had intermittent problems beforehand when coming back from sleep mode on 7. Also yesterday, it would not go to sleep, with the fans going crazy and i had to force shutdown. Just tried Going back to Snow Leopard until I have Late Macbook Air and it has these same symptoms. No fix yet? I have the same problem, I thought the latest update from lion os will solve my problem, but no!

As soon as I had a clean install of the OS i had blank screen 4x in 3 hours. I need to press shift-control-option-power always. For detailed information about this update, please visit: Lion was worse, and for this and other reasons I downgraded. When apple finally acknowledged the issue and issued the fix, there was no patch for Sleopard so I moved back to lion even though I hate it. Not fixed. I use quotes because I am skeptical.

I already swapped logic boards once. Basically, it was random, but once it happened times a day I would have to hard reset. I just installed the update at http: If this is anything like what it seems to be, the only solution will be a replacement motherboard that does not use the M chip.

Now, the problem exists even when nothing is connected. Closing the lid only turns off the screen and then opening the lid turns the screen back on for a few seconds, before it fades away to darkness. Basically, I have no option but to shut down instead of putting the computer to sleep. Thank you so much, yes really it helped me to pass the login screen — no more crashes to login but after I log in within 20 min. I installed windows 7 64 bit, with bootcamp 4.

So I really need to know is it Lion problem or my Hardware …. Now the screen drops its brightness down to the lowest setting spontaneously. Otherwise the computer seems to work fine. Same issue with Macbook Air Late Kernel Panic after Lion Install.

Tried clean install as well, same thing. Happens after I shut computer without turning power off. When I open, type password, Kernel Panic occurs every time. Downgraded back to Snow.

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Very frustrating since I already moved to iCloud from mobile me. What is going on? Why would this happen on a clean install. MBP mid 2. I have the same problem, found that if you hit the display brightness keys it will wake the display. It seems almost like the machine immediately wakes itself after closing the lid, and sits awake, and then goes to sleep when you open the lid. Found another article that recommended turning off auto switching GPUs.

Turning off automatic graphics card switching seems to have fixed my problem. It can be found in the settings app, Energy Saver, top toggle box. The last version of Snow Leopard was very stable compared to this.

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My kernel panics seems to be triggered when scrolling PDF documents with gestures on a magic mouse and or scrolling in a Safari window. Hope this extra info helps with the overall diagnosis. Bad thing: Same issue here: What to do? Had flown to another city just for repairing this crap, but after 4 days, with the idiot Apple mechanics saying they did the work, the Freeze escapade started almost few minutes later…. Its a sad tragedy, and Apple is has become too big a company selling iPhones and iPads, too even care about us unfortunate ones. Its a sad tragedy, and Apple is earning.

To remove that from displaying all you have to do is start the machine up and hold the space bar until it boots up. There is no message as described in this thread. The occurrence is so periodic, I have been unable to determine commonalties, but it has been occurring for months. I had Leopard prior to installing Lion so iCloud would sync up… I had some doubts on reviews of Lion being buggy but since my Mac Performa CD I really have never had major software issues ever with a Mac.

Alas the over featured Lion arrives and screws me out of MobileMe to iCloud with its own issues…. With reading about people having their Motherboard replaced and not solving issues I feel the solution Apple needs to provide is a comperable New MacBook Pro to the version I bought, one without all the issues! Has anyone had luck taking this route? Did you go to the store or did you call AppleCare? Just took it back in to the Apple store, and they have replaced the Logic board, the battery and the hard drive. Now though, if I have trouble I will make them give me a new machine.

Please read my solution here: Since it was still under warranty, took it to the Apple Store where they ascertained the problem was the logic board. After 5 days, they called to inform me that although they replaced the logic board, the MacBook Pro was still malfunctioning so they gave me a new one yesterday. Updated to Added 4 gb ram, now two slot for a total of 4 gb. The machine crasesh at the power on, and is formally impossible to do anything. The disk was completely cleaned and os reinstalled via appstore … Situation is gettin worst day by day … Please help me!!!

Ciao Enrico. Anyone getting…. Comment 4 by skim I'm seeing this in Google Chrome Beta Channel, I've attached the Apple crash log. Comment 4 Deleted. Comment 5 by kareng google.

Possible Fix for MacBook Pro 2010 Crashes & Blank Screens in OS X Lion: Deleting a Preference File

Comment 5 Deleted. Comment 6 by gokul. I have got a temporary fix for this issue. It may not eradicate the problem; but it definitely helps. Go to settings in the mac and go to energy saver option and uncheck the automatic graphics switching option. It seems like an OS X issue. Now that being said, the canary build which I actually reported definitely added up to the problem. I hope this issue will be fixed in the Mountain Lion.

Comment 6 Deleted. Comment 7 by pucchakayala chromium. I am not able to see any Windows Server process crash on my Retina Display Mac book pro using today's Canary build - Comment 7 Deleted. Comment 8 by thakis chromium. Comment 8 Deleted. Comment 9 by kbr chromium. Comment 9 Deleted. Comment 10 by kbr chromium. Comment 10 Deleted. Comment 11 by gokul. Seems like a Mountain Lion clean install fixed the issue.

I will lodge the bug with apple.

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    macOS 10.13.4 update breaks Duet Display, Air Display & USB DisplayLink drivers

    Comment 13 by skim I installed this firmware and it turned automatic graphics switching back on. I will let you guys know if this fixes the WindowServer crashes I've been seeing on Lion. Comment 13 Deleted. However, you might also see something like "com. The third column is the counter program address e. Now we know that the process "main" is responsible for the exception crash. But before that task, the following occurred:. Most applications including most of Apple's , however, do not do this, and you will instead see a numerical representation of a task.

    With this information, you should be able to tell what application or plug-in caused the system crash, and what series of events triggered the crash. You can then take appropriate action -- attempting to revert to an earlier version of said application, avoiding use of a plug-in or deleting it , or running general maintenance procedures and checking for persistence of the issue. Like what you've found in this tutorial? Get more troubleshooting guidance updated daily by subscribing to MacFixIt Pro. Mobile World Congress Get complete coverage from the world's biggest phone show.

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