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If Apple wants Apple Music to grow faster, support it in this app! I use this app with a bunch of Airplay devices around the house and having to go back to the computer whenever I want to change the music is a pain. Building a playlist from Apple Music content is the only way to access from the app and that is one extra, inflexible step.

iTunes Remote 4.4, briefly

Come on Apple, you can do better than this! I use this with whole house audio so I can choose multiple airplay devices from my iTunes home server. Works great most of the time but lately won't reconnect to my library using Home Sharing. Apple Music Playlist are available, but no support for searching Apple Music. The songs you want must be manually added first. App Store Preview. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices.

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  • The iTunes Remote app gets revamped and updated with iOS 12 & iPhone X support.
  • Use Accessibility to control your Apple devices from a single device;

Screenshots iPhone iPad. Description iTunes Remote is the best way to control iTunes from anywhere in your home.

Logic Pro X remote control your Mac home recording studio via iPad

This update also includes: This update also includes an all new look and feel on iPad and iPhone, in addition to stability and performance improvements. This update also includes a number of minor performance and stability improvements. This update includes minor stability and performance improvements.

Remote 4. This update includes the following improvements: This version of Remote has been completely redesigned for iOS 7 and adds support for iTunes Includes improvements for search results, rating songs, sorting podcasts, and general stability.

Tango Remote

Once you have followed the steps above you are now ready to search and remotely play the songs available via Apple Music. If you want to play Apple Music tracks the songs must first be added to the Library. If you have already done this then Tango Remote will find these songs and you can immediately play them using Tango Remote.

What if I want to play a song that is not in the Library? There are two ways to do this, however you still must add these songs to the Library first. The preferred method is to have Apple Music enabled on both devices. With Apple Music on both devices you can add Apple Music songs and playlists from either device.

You will need to upgrade to the Apple Family Sharing Plan for this. If you do not have the Family Sharing plan you will need to add the songs manually on the media device and will not be able to from the remote control device. This will automatically add songs added to a playlist to your library. This will automatically download the songs to your device when you add them to your library which will allow for offline playback. For more details on adding Apple Music to your library please read this. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please contact us at support tangoremote.

Tango Remote has some great features to enhance your remote control experience. This app makes them both a match made in Heaven! Prompt, fast and courteous even throughout the weekend. It does exactly what it says it will.


I can control my iPad which is hooked up to my outside stereo from anywhere in my yard…. Even with a weak wifi signal. Thanks to this app, I can control over wifi the volume of the web radio I am listening to. Kudos guys, your app is awesome! Works exactly like was thinking it should. Best app on my phone and iPad. Great for home use too! Videos and music perfectly. Works great! This is a great app! Works perfectly! I bought it thinking there may have been a slim chance that I could have used it to control iTube but no such luck.

I must commend the developers on their hard work though because it works insanely well. Do not use the iOS control panel as this does not disable wi-fi. We will soon no longer be selling or supporting Tango Remote. Tango will be removed from the App Store on May 14th and support will cease on June 7th.

Thanks to all our loyal customers for your support over the past years. If you are looking to remote control your music via iOS we recommend trying Spotify Premium which has built-in remote control. Thanks again.

Pair iTunes Remote with an iTunes library

Buy once and install on all your devices at no additional cost by using the same Apple ID! Remotely Control songs from the Apple Music subscription service. Once the songs are in your library you can sit back and enjoy the music! Up Next List: Gapless Albums — Play your Gapless Albums the way they were intended. Plays all your audio — Audiobooks, podcasts, music video audio, and iTunes Audio are supported. Advanced Search — Search your media library for your favorite artist, track, album, or genre. Create a playlist remotely — Need a new playlist? With Tango Remote you can remotely create a new playlist.

This playlist is unique to Tango Remote and is not part of your iTunes library. You can customize Tango to play selected playlists in sequence. Misc options — Pause after each song, hide tracks not downloaded, shake to play next song. Misc Features Tango Remote has some great features to enhance your remote control experience.

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  5. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity — Tango Remote automatically detects the best connection method when communicating with the remote device. When using bluetooth there is no need to pair the devices. Automatic device discovery and reconnect — No need to enter complicated IP addresses. Tango Remote automatically discovers your remote devices.

    How to control your iPad with your Mac remotely? - Ask Different

    Additionally once you select a remote device for remote control, Tango Remote will automatically reconnect to it quickly next time you need to remote control. Tango Remote can be used by all your devices. International — Tango Remote has been translated into 15 languages: However Tango Remote has an option to disable the iOS auto-lock feature. This ensures that Tango Remote will continue to run even when your remote device is left unattended.

    Just make sure Tango Remote is in the foreground or if you must move Tango Remote to the background just make sure music continues to play and Tango Remote will not get terminated by iOS. Security — Optional password protection prevents unwanted access to your remote device via other devices using Tango Remote. Automatic sync with iPod library — Whenever your media on your device changes due to syncing with iTunes, downloading new tunes via iTunes Match, or purchasing new music via iTunes Tango Remote automatically detects the changes.

    The new music is instantly available for your listening pleasure. Performance — Connections to remote devices are fast and reliable.

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    8. Song information and album artwork are cached on the remote control device for speedy operation. Support — Our tech support department is here to help. We will respond to all support requests as quickly as possible and usually within 24 hours. Email us at support tangoremote.