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I can create one lesson plan template to copy over and over again into a new note. Each lesson plan note can have little boxes to check off after each lesson has been completed. I can add color, change the font, add tables, pictures, and more to each lesson plan page. Since you can also upload PDF files, pictures, and even audio files to Evernote; you can create your student's homeschool portfolio almost effortlessly.

10 Best Apps for Homeschooling Parents

All of your lesson plans and homeschool notes can be shared via email with anyone, making the end of the year evaluations a simple task. You can access Evernote from any of your devices and computers because it can be installed on both iOS and Android devices.


If you are anything like me, when you are in the middle of researching curriculum or lesson planning, your browser is open to about four-dozen different tabs and you have probably bookmarked two-dozen more websites for reference. Then there are so many tabs and bookmarks that you lose track of what you were doing in the first place. My bookmark bar was so cluttered with tabs and links, I was forgetting what I had already saved and I would have to search through all of the bookmarks to find what I needed.

Then I discovered Toby! You can set up different collections in Toby, I have a collection for each of my boys and one for websites that we use in our Morning Time together.

When it's time for one of my boys to be on the computer to do his school work, he can just open up Toby and click on the appropriate website tab that is listed under his name. We have always enjoyed using Notebooking pages to supplement our homeschool curriculum, however, the paper clutter can be a little overwhelming in a homeschool with limited space. Digital Notebooking Pages is the way to go! Install the app, download your notebooking page PDF, fill it in, and then save it to your cloud storage.

Simple. No wasted paper. No heavy notebooks. Years of memories safe and secure.

If you need a physical copy, just print it out. You can also use these apps for other printable resources like worksheets and coloring pages.

Only for Mac

Here is a super simple digital notebooking page that my youngest son did at the age of 7, all I did was upload the notebooking page to the Notes Writer app on his iPad and he did the rest. The notebooking page is then saved in the app so that I can add it to his portfolio at the end of the year. The app is available for free in the iTunes and Google Play app stores. Today, all parents must be concerned with how much time their kids are spending on digital devices and what they are seeing.

The smart Family Time app allows you to set limits on screen time, including bedtime restrictions, and it even lets you lock your kids phones when they are supposed to be doing homework. It will also block other apps that you want your kids to stay away from. You can try it out with their three-day trial of their premium service. The app makes it simple to collect and save files, notes, images, and more, and syncs with all your devices so you have what you need, wherever you are.

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This could include lesson plans, to do lists, notes and research, or student portfolios. While not strictly a homeschool app, the app certainly might help your days run more smoothly. For Android users, Reward My Chore offers similar functionality. Just load up all your favorite books for reading at home or on the go.

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Not sure where to start? LifeTopix is an incredibly detailed app with tools for managing 12 different aspects of life, including events and appointments, tasks, lists, health, shopping, finances, and yes, education. The education portion would be useful for lesson planning and scheduling. Technical resources are essential for homeschooling parents.

Try these apps and be sure to visit K12 for individual courses and other homeschooling resources. Ashley MacQuarrie began writing professionally more than ten years ago and has covered education, technology, current events, pop culture, and other topics. Ashley has classroom experience working with children who have autism and other special needs.