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Telus wins Ookla Q1-Q2 mobile internet crown

This year, it more than quadrupled its speed to an index of That's probably driven by the success of Bell Fibe, the branding for Bell Canada's all fiber-optic to the home or maybe to the premises network. Fibe went active in Toronto, the largest city in the nation, in April It's worth noting that our data doesn't even differentiate Bell Canada's various offerings like fiber, DSL, and even mobile connections at this time.

Yet Bell Canada still managed an average index higher than any we've seen before in our looks at Canada's ISPs over the years.

  • With average download speeds of 57.99Mbps Telus won by a small margin.
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Has speed improved for all the ISPs? Yes it has. Telus jumped from eighth place to fourth by increasing its index from last year's Shaw went from We had one other change: Bell Canada Investment in fiber optics to provide consumer internet is paying off for Bell Canada. Even with a mix of services, the provider—which blankets most of Canada from Saskatchewan over to the Atlantic and up north—managed to score numbers unlike we've seen before in the country.

The Fastest ISPs in Canada

Hopefully it'll continue to increase connection speeds even more in the years to come. And we didn't expect any results from the northern territories. But the other southern provinces of Canada are here to represent. As we've witnessed in previous editions of this story, the Atlantic side of the country manages to out perform the rest, but this year there's a twist.

TELUS Responds to Shaw, ‘Internet 150’ Gets Bump to 150Mbps Upload

Instead, the land you want to live in for the fastest internet sticks far into the Atlantic itself: That's mostly thanks to some outstanding speeds provided by the Rogers Ignite Gigabit service which launched in in St. Look at that index score below. New Brunswick, by the way, gets a speed boost thanks to Bell Aliant's fibre. Ontario, the most populous province and that with the most ISPs as well, remains stuck in the middle, despite also increasing speed across the board from As in the past, the western most provinces of Alberta, Manitoba, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan bring up the rear—but again, all of them had excellent average throughput increases since Who are the top ISPs in the individual provinces?

Narrowing down the cities and towns in Canada with the fastest internet speeds took some doing as we recoded a lot of neighborhoods that are now part of bigger municipalities.

Telus Internet 150 Review - Calgary