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You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking on the unsubscribe link in each newsletter. You are currently signed in as: Reset customer Customer Cart QuikSearch. Overview Details. Full Description A lightweight mist of water packed with vitamins and minerals, infused with a blend of green tea, chamomile and cucumber to gently soothe and refresh the skin. Gives an instant boost of hydration while delivering a soft sheen to refresh and finish makeup.

Soothes and refreshes skin Hydrating Dermatologist tested Ophthalmologist tested Non-acnegenic. Hold bottle 12 inches away from face and spray evenly Mist on to freshly washed skin to hydrate before applying moisturiser Mist on top of foundation to finish makeup and add a glow Mist on to skin throughout the day for an instant boost of hydration and to refresh makeup.

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M.A.C - Prep + Prime Fix + Reviews | beautyheaven

Shop 16 Shades Temp Out of Stock. I found this gem years ago browsing through MAC and I have not stopped repurchasing since. I have a combination skin type and the weather changes how my makeup looks all the time. Fix plus changed my makeup as I could hydrate my skin on dryer days but if I just wanted to set my face on a hot day without making it way to dewy I could! I will never stop using this. I purchased this score of a product in the rewards room!

Prep + Prime Fix+

I was super excited to see come M. C products available. I always use a primer and a setting spray so i was excited to give this a go. It comes in a see through bottle with a spray nozzle. I like how it gives you the option to close it off when not in use.

MAC Prep + Prime Fix+ Spray - Goldlite 100ml

Perfect for travelling to not waste product. I use 2 sprays and it coats my whole face. I have just been using this product as a primer, but i found when i used it as a finishing spray it left little white dots all over my face as the product is a milky substance. Being used for a primer it works great, my make up stays on for a full 10 hours while at work. I have opted to be using a different setting spray as mentioned about the white dots.

Reasonably priced for a M. C product. This setting spray is iconic for a reason. There are so many uses for this spray to make it worth investing in.

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I also love to use it as a mixing medium to apply my MAC pigments to the eyelid. You can use it to wet your eyeshadow brush to intensify the colour. And then also to set your makeup after application. I love the way it melts the powder into your skin to make everything look flawless. I love the simplicity of the packaging. The spray has a lock mechanism so it's great for travel and in the go. The spray is really good and easy to use and comes out in a fine mist. I like using this spary as a primer especially when doing a full face of makeup. I don't like to use lots of cream products before applying makeup as it feels heavy but this spray is great because it hydrates my skin and is so lightweight.

I have eczema and my skin is highly easily irritable and it is so dry. I'm really careful with what i use on my skin. I've used a few other setting sprays such as Urban decay all nighter, laura mercier and makeup forever but i still come back to this. The spray nozzel is fantastic on this and it doesn't splurt out like a jetspray.

When i use it to set my makeup i feel moisturised and my skin is dewy. I love this!!!!!!!! I love this product! I use it before applying my make up and occasionally as a setting spray.

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  • MAC Prep + Prime Fix+ Spray - Pinklite 100ml.
  • A lightweight water mist that gently soothes and refreshes skin and finishes makeup..
  • Prep + Prime Fix+ | MAC Cosmetics - Official Site?

I find it works better as a primer rather than a setting spray. In saying that, it's still a very good setting spray on days I want more of a slight dewy look. Feels very light on the skin. However, I'm not sure its worth the hype. There are better primers out there and you can find setting sprays that work just as good if not better, at a more affordable price. I first started using this product about 3 years ago and have not stopped buying ever since. I'm addicted! I keep one in my bag, one on my desk at work and have multiple stashed around the house. I recommend keeping one in the fridge during summer.

I purchased a couple of minis of this product after hearing and reading about so many rave reviews but honestly I am still confused about the purposes of the product. It claims to be a primer however many do notice their makeup lasting longer, some reviewers claim that it sets their makeup then there are others saying it is not a setting spray!

MAC Fix ($25) + vs Mario Badescu ($12) Setting Spray - Primetime Beauty

The spray comes in a transparent bottle with a black twist top cap that can lock the pump into place to avoid accidents. I use this at the end of makeup application as I use a primer underneath foundation. It does help to melt your makeup and smooth out any harsh lines and removes the powdery finish.

It also gives a dewy finish. However so does other cheaper setting sprays I'm probably the only one on here that's not a massive fan as I don't see it performing any better than a hydrating mist. I think this would be a better product with the scented versions rose, lavender etc because then at least you have a nicer smelling hydrating mist. I bought a full sized bottle of this because I had read many positive reviews of this product. I don't like the spray function of the bottle because it does it does not spray out evenly not sure if it is just the bottle I got.

I use it to prep my face before applying primer and foundation and I find that it is a good prep for makeup application. I don't have to use as much primer and my foundation seems to stay on longer. Spraying this on brushes before eyeshadow application also makes the colours more intense. Fix plus is a great multitasking spray that I use for different purposes.

The mist mechanism is very fine and distributes the product evenly. The product feels light on the skin and imparts a glow. I use it for skin prep to get the skin hydrated, to wet brushes to pick up more product eg intensifying eye shadows , to set makeup and to remove any powdery finish to my makeup. I would recommend oily skin girls to go gentle as it can look a bit greasy if overapplied. I bought mini size of M. It comes in a transparent bottle with pump which is so easy to use. I use it under my makeup and it keeps my skin fresh and hydrated.

I also use it over my makeup and it helps to set my makeup. It does not affect the longevity of my makeup but it keep my dry skin hydrated for hours. Overall, I like this product, it is great for dry skin beauties but it does not affect the longevity of makeup. I am sad that MAC has increased mini's prices recently. Now it is much better to buy full size instead of mini.

It is NOT a setting spray! I like to use this spray before applying primer as a hydrating step so that all my base makeup goes on smoothly. Another way I love to use this is to wet my brushes with before applying eyeshadow or highlighter if I want a really pigmented, blinding look. The bottle is great as it sprays out as a super fine mist and the lid can be twisted so the spray is locked making it perfect to travel with. I really enjoy this setting spray, if helps to meld my makeup, makes it last longer, look less powdery and it great for intensifying and foiling eyeshadows.

It is available in two sizes, which is great because you can try or travel with the smaller size before committing to a whole bottle. The only downside is that it is a bit pricy for what it is but I have not found a cost effective replacement so I will continue to repurchase.

Three Ways with: MAC’s Prep + Prime Fix+

It is something that everybody needs. Sprayed on to the face either before or after applying makeup, it is so refreshing! It sprays a fine mist which settles on the face very nicely. It also works very well sprayed on makeup brushes when applying eyeshadow to intensify the colour. It can be used to prime the face to add some hydration or dew. If your on the fence just get it lasts long too.

This MAC product is my go to product, i started using the spray two years ago and I havnt gone back. I recently received this gorgeous product a few weeks ago and I have been using it so much since! I love using it to prep my skin before makeup, use as a refresher spray when not wearing any makeup and spraying after my makeup is finished to set in place. I love the smell of this spray firstly, it is honestly so amazingly refreshing! It is so lovely and hydrating, especially on my dry and sensitive skin. It is defiently worth the price!